These should help you understand what we do, how we do it and the underlying processes that are in place

For Expert Members

Yes, you can. We welcome professionals across all industries and disciplines to join our platform

You can register with Focal Fact by following the link on our Home page (Become an Expert Member). After you have registered we will ask you to review and sign our Terms and Conditions for Consulting in electronic form.

There are a number of ways. We will either send you an email outlining the Client’s project and/or call you to discuss the project in more detail to assess the fit

We cannot guarantee a minimum number of projects that we can send you. As each project for our Clients is unique, if we see a fit between your expertise and their request we will reach out to you

Most Focal Fact Expert Members enjoy sharing information they have accumulated over the years in their respective industries with our Clients. It is an opportunity to exchange thoughts with some of the world’s leading professionals, and, in addition, we will compensate you at an hourly rate for speaking with our Clients.

We will disclose the identity of the Client, provided you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions for Consulting and are able to help them with their project. In rare cases, some Client firms prefer to remain anonymous to avoid bias in their research.

We will discuss your fit with our Client, and if they are interested in moving forward we will reach out to you to organize a mutually convenient time

There are multiple ways a consultation can be arranged. Some Clients prefer to call Expert Members directly, while others may have a preference for Skype or Webex. Regardless of the mode, we will find the most convenient and suitable mode of communication.

We ask all Expert Members to inform us in advance of any restrictions or limitations to what they can discuss so that we can inform the Client accordingly and not only manage conflict but also expectations

Yes, we always welcome new Expert Members and look forward to expanding our platform offering more project opportunities

For Clients

Our approach to work as well as some services are different to those typically provided by other expert network firms. Our business model is flexible to suit most organizations’ needs. Reach out to us to discuss in more detail

We have a network and connections with over 6,500 professionals globally. The network is constantly expanding

You can send us a request to or reach out to any Focal Fact representative to launch a project

We will introduce you to experts who are most well suited to consult on your subject. We will provide you with an overview of their expertise and background so that you can make a decision if you want to have a consultation with them

Yes, most Expert Members would be happy to write a custom report on a subject of your interest

Yes, while we do work with Expert Members who are both employed and self-employed, those who are typically in an independent capacity would have less restrictions to travel.

Short answer, no. We do ask you to provide feedback on your interaction with an Expert Member so that we can relay this feedback to them. We will also send you a monthly invoice for payment

Yes, our VAT number is IE3573514LH

Still have questions, please reach out to us