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About Us

About Us

Focal Fact connects world's top professionals

Company was founded in 2019 and has grown rapidly with teams in Ireland, India, Brazil and Canada.

With our EMEA headquarters in Dublin,  we work with companies around the world that tap into institutional knowledge by leveraging expertise and insights from industry leading experts.

Client firms span some of the world’s most well known strategy and management consulting firms, investment management firms and general corporates.

Who We Are

Industry leading expert network

Step into the world of Focal Fact, where brilliance converges with innovation. As a dynamic expert network, we seamlessly connect you with industry leaders, providing unparalleled insights. Our mission is to fuel your success by unlocking knowledge, fostering collaboration, and empowering strategic decisions. Explore the expertise that defines us

Global Coverage

All time zones from Asia to Europe to Americas leading to superior project managemnet

Cutting Edge Technology

Call recordings, transcripts and call summaries provided on demand

All Industries

From consumer goods and healthcare to aerospace and defence - we are industry agnostic

Flexible Pricing

Offering highly competitive and flexible options to suit every need


What Clients Say

Discover firsthand testimonials that highlight our exceptional service, rapid delivery, and transformative insights. Join the success stories

Incredible experience! Focal Fact's service is top-notch, delivery exceeded expectations, and their technology streamlined everything. A game-changer for anyone seeking exceptional insights and results

Albert Management Consultant

Impressive speed! The expert network's rapid delivery amazed me. In no time, I had invaluable insights from 2 experts other networks struggled to deliver on. Efficient, reliable, and a definite asset for quick decision-making

Clara Private Equity Director

Game-changing service! FF network delivered swift insights crucial for our corporate development and M&A work. Their approach streamlines processes seamlessly, ensuring we stay ahead in our strategic initiatives. Highly recommend.

Steven Head of Corporate Developnment

Weekend wonders! The expert network delivered vital insights over the weekend, accelerating our corporate development. Their dedication and speed are unparalleled. A strategic partner for rapid decision-making

Jonathan Strategy Director