Providing custom and on-demand market information to some of the world's most sophisticated corporations

Helping professionals make better decisions faster


Focal Fact connects world's top professionals with organizations to share and exchange market information

We provide consulting opportunities to industry experts who are interested in sharing their insights and knowledge with others. Our business model is simple, flexible yet powerful. Our mission is to enable the exchange of information to be made seamless and straight forward.

Focal Fact is a platform that enables professionals to seek and tap into industry leading experts’ insights. We understand what drives the business forward. We aim to deliver great service experience to our Members and Clients.

We work with thousands of professionals across the world across every industry vertical.

We are happy to discuss your needs whether you are a financial services, professional services, general corporate or a non-profit organization.

Overview of Services

We provide an extensive range of services that are tailored to fit the needs of most Clients and Expert Members

Phone Consultations

A 30-90 minute consultation when you need market or product information fast from an industry leading Expert

Video Conferences

We are using industry leading video conference technology to facilitate video interactions wherever you are in the world

Written Reports

If a phone or video conference is not enough to capture all the information you require, Experts are able to help you write a custom report on a subject-matter that interests you

On-site and Long-term Projects

If you would like to join Focal Fact either as an Expert Member who provides consulting services or as a Client who commissions a project, follow one of the links below

Engage an Expert for a number of days, weeks or months for an in-depth market analysis, due diligence support, internal processes reorganization and improvement and much more…

Please contact us if you'd like to find out more